Body Bolts

Body Bolts and Nuts

An alternative for attaching bodies, these bolts are designed for installation and removal. The bolts are zinc gold and measure 1/4-20 x 7/8". The built-in washer has a 3/4" outside diameter.


Body Bolt Kit w/Nut 10 pk -- $7.99
Body Bolt w/Washer -- .65 ea.
Body Bolt Nut -- .25 ea.

Body Washers Bolts and Nuts

Body Washers, Stainless Bolts, Nyloc Nuts

Used in attaching spoilers, noses, etc. Washers are aluminum. Bolts only are stainless.


CRS620 1-1/4" washer for a 1/4" flat allen bolt -- .95
CRS622 3/4" X 1/4" Flat Allen Bolt and Lock Nut -- .25
CRS623 1" X 1/4" Flat Allen Bolt and Lock Nut -- .30

Ludwig Clips

Ludwig Clips

These clips allow quick access to hinged panels or lids. They are held in place by a single rivet.


Set of 4 clips -- $4.25

Cleco Kit

Cleco Kits

Make body or interior assembly easy. Use the cleco pliers to insert clecos to hold body panels together. When the fit is perfect, remove clecos and replace with our quality rivets. Each cleco kit comes with 25 clecos and cleco pliers.


1/8" Cleco Kit -- $25.99
3/16" Cleco Kit -- $25.99
1/8" Cleco (each) -- .79
3/16" Cleco (each) -- .79
Cleco Pliers -- $9.99

Rivet Gun

Air Rivet Gun

Industrial Duty Air Riveter


CRS167 Pulls 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16" Rivets. -- $65.95

360 Swivel

360 Degree Swivel Connector For Rivet Gun